Lash Goodbog is Shannon Odell

Lash is a 19-year old orc, originally from a small suburban town in Connecticut. Growing up she was an elite athlete, quickly becoming one of the top urban brawlers in her age class in CT. When she wasn’t out on the urban brawl “field” she was on the mat, practicing her floor routine.

At age 15 she began to understand her powers in technomancy, prompting her to run away from home. She quickly turned to Shadowrunning as a source for Nuyen (which she doesn’t really care about) and excitement (the only thing she cares about).

She is around 6’ 5”, and keeps her hair shaved short (as to not get in the way of her flips) with the stubble dyed silver. Hear ears are covered in piercing. She never goes anywhere without her custom made black armored varsity jacket and her red leather army boots.

Vivian “Viv” Lakewood is Jenn de la Vega

Vivian ‘Viv’ Lakewood is a 145-year-old elf with long silver hair and fringe. Rose-gold rimmed glasses frame her lean face. She favors an ultramarine ruthenium caftan that ripples when she walks. Her left palm has a tattoo with a Lily of the Valley. She prefers to be barefoot, but will make a fuss, when she has to wear shoes. When she walks by it smells like earl grey tea and sea air.

Viv used to specialize in elemental ’clean up’ for corps, on account of her powerful water spirit summoning. She spent her most recent decades living on a houseboat named Mirage. She descended from the enchantress who gave King Arthur Excalibur and resents not having a weapon like that.

She is a former student of L’Mortimer, a descendant of Merlin. During training, she reflected a spell right back at him. She hid him under a rock in Central Park for 100 years. She has a stigmata-like Lego embedded in her right palm from the battle and hates toys, especially trains. Avoids children because there might be toys. She tends to lock up at any mention of King Arthur lore, especially L’Mortimer.

In the Matrix, her body is made of a single neon squiggle outline with a blue glowing caftan, large coke bottle glasses, and a sunhat. When she isn’t on a run, she searches the matrix for cute sea animal photos and hates on all other creatures, especially birds. You can follow her old Twitter account in 2019

Luxe Scythe is Nick Guercio

Luxe Scythe is a 35-year-old human with dirty blonde hair and striking features. Luxe wears very expensive suits and more expensive shoes. The team’s face has to make a good impression. He has a gold coin and can show you some tricks he does with it if you ask real nice.

Until recently, Luxe lived in a primo condo on the 199th floor of a grand & beautiful tower in Manhattan right across from the sights of Hoboken. This part of Manhattan is actually becoming as posh as Hoboken (and as pricey) by offering more space in ultra-high towers that connect to each other in breathtaking pathways above the 100th floor. He moved out to allow a contractor to do some work on the place. The work continues with various forms of progress but never in the direction Luxe requested.

Luxe has a mysterious past, but we know he used to work up close and personal with some tech that allows him to build unmatched disguises- able to replicate almost any meta-human alive or dead down to the smallest detail.

In the Matrix, Luxe looks a lot like himself in the same tailored-suits but his skin is a dark grey, brilliantly polished metal.

T.K. is Bijan Stephen

T.K. is a 31-year-old decker from the streets of New York. He grew up with a gang of urchins he still occasionally does favors for; when he turned 18 he left the fold, and made his way in the world as a boxer, working on his decking at night. He won most of his fights, though he didn’t know why until a man stopped him after one hard-fought victory and informed him that he was an adept.

The guy, Gibson, offered to train him. T.K. accepted, and moved into his compound. There T.K. learned how to control his magic. And then one day T.K. woke up and his mentor was gone. There was a note left behind. “You’re ready,” it read. It’s been nearly a decade since that day. T.K. stopped looking for him years ago. He doesn’t trust anyone with anything anymore. Not even his name.

Portraits by Eva Liisa Sepp