Fun City is usually a cyberpunk narrative play RPG podcast set in a post climate catastrophe New York City, in the year 2101. Right now, for the pandemic, it's a comic-grimdark sci-fi narrative play RPG podcast set 100,000,000 years in the future. Featuring Jenn de la Vega, Nick Guercio, Shannon Odell, and Bijan Stephen. GM'd by Mike Rugnetta with troublemaker Taylor Moore.

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Float City 17: Into the Nether Deep

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@funcityventures is the show on twitter
@funcityventures is the show on instagram

@bijanstephen is Remy, the Sleeper (human) Blooder
@randwiches is Merkis, the Jalasti Banshee
@nicholasguercio is Vynos, the Conscript (human) Tremulant
and @shodell is Beta, the Shoodtha Pir

@taylordotbiz is Oat
@mikerugnetta is Zeshdano Navelle
@hollowearths is everything else

This episode of Float City was recorded in various locations across Brooklyn New York. It was produced, edited and sound designed by Mike Rugnetta.

On my American plains I feel the struggling afflictions
Endur’d by roots that writhe their arms into the nether deep:
I see a serpent in Pixlriffs, who courts me to his love;

Our music is by Sam Tyndall –
with a track this episode from Will Savino –
Remy’s flute playing is by Jake Fridkis –
Our art is by Tess Stone –
Float City’s art is by Ethan Gould –
Our Discord mods are Olivia Gulin, Kelly McKew, Kit Pulliam and Kestrel 
And the voice of Artemis is Molly Templeton