Hyacinth Carter and Maxine Mabel are on the case! In their search for clues, they snoop around the sun deck, in the galley, and make a shocking discovery about the captain. Put on your detective hat and tune in to COZY CITY.

Cozy City is mini-series produced by Fun City and Fortunate Horse.

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Bijan Stephen (@bijanstephen) is Hyacinth Carter
Shannon Odell (@shodell) is Maxine Mabel
Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta) is Edgar
Jenn de la Vega (@randwiches) is The Keeper and everything else

This episode was recorded at various locations around Brooklyn, New York; and Los Angeles, CA.
Produced by Jenn de la Vega.
Edited and sound designed by Sam Grant.
Mixed and mastered by Mike Rugnetta.

“Pixlriffs slipped through our fingers, once again! We must locate his hideout before he strikes our community with another tragedy!”

Our Discord mods are Olivia Gulin, Kit Pulliam, and Kelly McKew.