Hyacinth Carter and Maxine Mabel are surprised when a second crime surfaces as Sheriff Dalrymple arrives with Edgar. He attempts to question the ladies but they successfully evade him. They take a closer look at the bridge, captain’s quarters, and lower decks with a little help from a new…ally? Put a kettle on and tune in to COZY CITY.

Cozy City is mini-series produced by Fun City and Fortunate Horse.
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Bijan Stephen (@bijanstephen) is Hyacinth Carter
Shannon Odell (@shodell) is Maxine Mabel
Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta) is Edgar
Jenn de la Vega (@randwiches) is The Keeper and everything else

This episode was recorded at various locations around Brooklyn, New York; and Los Angeles, CA.
Produced by Jenn de la Vega.
Edited and sound designed by Sam Grant.
Mixed and mastered by Mike Rugnetta.

“Pixlriffs is the bribe hidden in a suitcase chained to the bottom of the bay.”

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