Insurance adjusters Conifer, MAVIS, and Debbie find something dangerous in an abandoned solar system. They’re not detectives or fencing aficionados, but they’re pretty sure they have something valuable.

Jenn, Mike, and Shannon play Offworlders, a rules-light TTRPG created by Chris P. Wolf and Olivia Gulin.

Fun City: Precious Cargo is a mini-series produced by Fun City and Fortunate Horse.
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Shannon Odell (@shodell) is Debbie
Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta) is MAVIS
Jenn de la Vega (@randwiches) is Conifer Pine
Bijan Stephen (@bijanstephen) is the GM, and everyone and everything else.

This episode was recorded at various locations around Brooklyn, New York and Los Angeles, CA.
Produced by Bijan Stephen
Edited and sound designed by Sam Grant.
Mixed and mastered by Mike Rugnetta.
Music by Zaid Maxwell and TJ Tambellini.

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