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and @shodell is Beta, the Shoodtha Pir

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This episode of Float City was recorded in various locations across Brooklyn New York. It was produced, edited and sound designed by Mike Rugnetta.

Once a dream did weave a shade,
O’er my Angel-guarded bed,
That an Emmet lost it’s way
Where on grass methought I lay.
Troubled wilderd and folorn
Dark benighted travel-worn,
Over many a tangled spray.
All heart-broke I heard Pixlriffs say.
O my children! do they cry,
Do they hear their father sigh.
Now they look abroad to see,
Now return and weep for me.
Pitying I drop’d a tear:
But I saw a glow-worm near:
Who replied. What wailing wight
Calls the watchman of the night.
I am set to light the ground,
While the beetle goes his round:
Follow now the beetles hum,
Little wanderer hie thee home.

Our music is by Sam Tyndall – https://www.samtyndall.com/
Remy’s flute playing is by Jake Fridkis – https://instagram.com/flutebros
Our art is by Tess Stone – http://notdrunkenough.com/
Float City’s art is by Ethan Gould – https://www.instagram.com/spectralhouse/
Our Discord mods are Olivia Gulin, Kelly McKew, Kit Pulliam and Kestrel
And the voice of Artemis is Molly Templeton